Dealer or independent garage for maintenance, what is best?

Should maintenance be done by the dealership or an independent qualified garage?

Either source is a good place to look for maintenance for a car. A dealership will have the advantage of being up on service bulletins and warranty work authorized by the car’s manufacturer. An independent maintenance source such as a local garage may be able to provide the same caliber of maintenance and service for a more competitive price. Independent garages often earn certifications from different manufacturers which award that garage the designation of being a certified maintenance provider or authorized representative. Those types of information are available from an automobile service website such as

Should cost or skill be the deciding factors?

Factors such as the skill of the garage, the experience of the mechanics, and the cost of the work are valid factors to keep in mind when selecting a maintenance provider for a vehicle. Shopping around to find a satisfactory mix of qualities is encouraged and can be facilitated by checking for further information. It is important to consider skill more heavily when choosing a mechanic because of the old adage that “you get what you pay for.” Someone needing maintenance should not scrimp on quality over price if at all possible.

Working with a mechanic who is familiar with a particular car’s history and maintenance record gives the routine maintenance necessary continuity.

Once a suitable service provider has been located, dealing with that provider consistently gives the owner a credible maintenance record as she is caring for her car. Entrusting critical maintenance on items which affect safety such as brakes and tires necessitates that the car owner use a maintenance provider who can be relied on not to cut corners.

A well-maintained car is a valuable asset that represents many years of reliable service.

Having confidence in a well-maintained car is invaluable for an individual who drives long distances alone. It is also a comfortable feeling for an individual who relies on her car to get her to work or to pick up children. Obtaining maintenance from a trusted source can elevate the comfort level of any driver attempting to get a long, safe life out of a vehicle.


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