What Hidden Fees to Avoid Paying When Buying a Car


While you might already be familiar with the most common fees (sales tax, documentation and vehicle registration fees) which vary in price depending on how expensive the car is, there are other fees dealers are very subtle about including in the invoice list. But it’s not just you who’s suddenly realizing there may be more hidden fees when buying a ...

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Tips on finding the right car for you

Article Title: The right car for you There is a sea of new vehicles out there that car buyers have to wade through in order to find a car that they like. Even so, is that car the right car for them? Here are some tips that a car buyer should consider before they buy their next car. Needs vs ...

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Top 10 Rated Used Cars

Despite the love affair between Americans and their vehicles, because of the economic constraints today’s economy is putting on the car buying public, there is a growing market for quality used cars. According to, the Top 10 Used Cars under $10,000 for 2015 are: · 2009 Ford Focus · 2008 Ford Fusion · 2008 Ford Taurus · 2007 Honda ...

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Hybrid or electric, which is better for you?

Hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) are gaining in popularity. This is mainly due to the short term advantages to owning those cars, which is most often a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. The question that has not yet been answered is “Are these a good long term investment?” Look at the current state of this auto technology, and ...

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Are extended warranty’s worth the cost?

If your car’s manufacturer warranty is nearing its final days, then you be considering the option of purchasing an extended warranty for additional coverage and peace of mind. More than likely, you’ve already begun to receive advertisements for extended warranties in the mail as well. However, before you shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an extended warranty, ...

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Should you buy or lease your next car?

Is it better to lease or buy a vehicle? Even though people have debated over this question for many years, there still aren’t any winners. Why is this? Because those debating have different needs in terms of leasing or buying a car. Just because it’s more cost-effective for one person to lease doesn’t mean it will be more cost-effective for ...

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